Closing the Sale

Making Sure Your Move Goes Smoothly

There are few things I enjoy more than telling a client, “Your house is SOLD!!”  That means I have found them a qualified buyer, negotiated a great deal, and got them the price they wanted.

That doesn’t mean my work is finished. Far from it.

I’ll work closely with you to ensure the deal is finalized and that your move goes smoothly.

I’ll take care of the details: coordinating the buyer’s lender’s appraisal, coordinating the home inspection, staying on top of outstanding conditions of sale, ensuring paperwork gets to the right professionals (lenders, lawyers, etc) at the right time, and so much more.  I handle those things so that you can be free to carry on with your day-to-day.

I’ll also be there for you, as your REALTOR®, up to the day you move – and beyond. I provide you with the names of recommended lawyers, contractors, movers, etc. from my network of reputable professionals and companies. I’ll also clearly explain what to expect leading up to closing day and give you advice as to how to prepare.

My goal is simple: To make the sale of your house and subsequent move a positive experience.

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